Friday, February 17, 2012

Mastic Beach Village Free Press 1st issue

Welcome to the first issue of the "Mastic Beach Village Free Press".  This site is dedicated to the residents of Mastic Beach Village and to the encouragement of a transparent, responsive, and open village government.

This site will be where the citizens of the village will be able to read and contribute to the unfiltered truth about Mastic Beach Village and it's government.  The site has become necessary to counter the problem of the absence of reliable local press coverage as seen in the "South Shore Press".
This was made all the more urgent when a motion was made by Village Trustee Gary Stiriz and passed by the village officers to enter into contract and hire the disgraced former county Legislator Fred Towle Jr,. to provide public relations services for the Village.

Mr. Towle is connected to the South Shore Press, which at one time was a true local press source until it was infiltrated by Towle, where he is listed under Columnist & Reporters and Sales & Marketing.  Today the South Shore Press should under no circumstances be mistaken for a true newspaper.   It is in reality an agenda-driven propaganda platform for a price.

However, it does seem very appropriate for this government to hire Mr. Towle, a convicted former County Legislator who was sentenced in 2006 on two counts; one for receiving a bribe and one count for scheme to defraud.  Thirty-three other counts were dropped due to his cooperation as a wired informant for the Suffolk County Prosecutor Thomas J. Spota.  Towle received a reduced 6 month sentence from a possible two-six years.  A crook and a rat, what a resume'. For the Village Trustees, we have now that might be the gold standard.

In recent months we in the Village have witnessed what was referred to in the February16th edition of the Long Island Advance as, "what appears to be a coup d'etat of Mayor Breshard's Administration."
And that is exactly what has been taking place, an attempted over throw of the Village Mayor along with a total disregard for the wishes of the majority of the village residents.  The four trustees Bob Morrow, Ken Alevo, Bill Biondi, led by Trustee and Deputy Mayor Gary Stiriz have shown an arrogance and open disdain for the wishes of the people of the Village and Mayor Paul Breschard.
The three trustees led by Gary Stiriz may have violated more than one of the New York State laws for open Government meetings and in their attempted dismissal of Village Attorney Joe Prokop.  Conflict of interests issues have also been raised by village citizens.

The sham of the so-called Zoning Committee, who presented a flawed product that was poorly written and the committee itself appears to have violated the open meetings law.  The end-product drew such ire from the residents and it was obvious that other motives were involved.  The committee and the process was discredited and the people so outraged that the Trustees were forced to scrap it and start all over again, just as the majority of the residents had demanded.  As many of the people have said who were supporters for the incorporation of the Village,"This is not the Village we voted for."

This is only the first edition of the Mastic Beach Village Free Press.  Staff and guest writers will be added to produce updates to keep you informed as to what is really taking place within your village, something you won't get with the South Shore Press.  Our village is in trouble, but we are a very historic village whose roots go back in time to the American Revolution, and its hometown hero sons, General William Floyd and General Nathaniel Woodhull.  And as in our past, the people of the Village have risen to the challenge and have said loudly, this is our village and not the new kingdom of Gary Stiriz and his three followers, Morrow, Biondi and Alivo.

On March 20th, we have an opportunity to reclaim our village and to help our Mayor govern and lead us forward into the future we envisioned. Vote on March 20th for the Unity Party candidates, Alan Chasinof and Gail Cappiello, for Village Trustees.  Support these grass-root candidates who have the best interest of the Village and it's residents at heart, and to furnish the support Mayor Breschard needs to make our village the Village we want for the future.

 Jamie Reason, Editor

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